Masha Feingold

Paul has been an awesome trainer both during Track and Field season and off season. His workouts leave you feeling exausted, but in the best way possible, and he keeps it exciting by bringing new excersises in each session. After working with Paul I've noticed that I've become much stronger, and more skillful and more athletic overall. 

Matthew J. Konwent

Paul helped my strength and agility as a fighter. He helped me step my game up as a fighter by focusing on my core and base with exercises like squats, lunges, clean and jerk, and kettlebell exercises.  Without Paul's help my skills would have remained mediocre at best. 

Ellen & Mark

Paul started training our older son when he joined his high school track varsity team, then our 10-year-old asked to train to improve his swimming, then the parents (us) joined because the results were so good. Paul designs interesting and challenging workouts, he is also very personable and pleasure to work with. Paul - thank you, you have become our family trainer and friend!

Terrence Bates

What I enjoy the most about working with Coach Paul is not only his ability to explain the complexities of weightlifting, but to demonstrate them as well. Paul Paynter coaches weightlifting from the trenches, not the sideline! He is an experienced technical  Competition Coach, that puts athletes in the best position for maximal performance!

Daniel Shapiro

Paul Paynter truly cares about his clients and their improvement. It’s been a pleasure working with him for multiple years - I’ve gained self-confidence and have seen noticeable positive change in my physique. Now that I’m in college, I’ve found that his focus on teaching exemplary technique during the lessons has proven invaluable to me in keeping myself injury-free.

Boris Liokumovich

Paul has been training my son for over two years. Focus of our training has been on various track and field events and on strength traning to complement it. Over that period of time Paul showed professionalism as well as good attitude and ability to inspire my son to be a better athlete and a better person. I would highly recommend Paul 

Ben Perlson

Paul is the best resource I could hope for as an athlete. He is extremely knowledgeable in all area of fitness. He is very passionate in helping me reach the lofty goals I set for myself along the way. Every time I leave a session with Paul, I am more than pleased with the expertise and coaching he provides me with.

Karen Culver

Paul makes workouts fun but tough!  He shows me new ways to work hard using every part of my body. Workouts with Paul are awesome!  I build strength fast following his instruction; never boring; constantly learning.


Paul is the best kind of coach.  His attention to detail really shows how much quality experience Paul has had in sports, training, and coaching.  Not only does he program well, but his passion for helping others succeed is amazing.  There aren't many people out there who get it and can teach it like Paul does.