Training Philosophy

These are the parameters we enhance and the guiding principles driving my training decisions, and thus the actual actions and activities performed in the facility and on the field.  These are the training categories from which we select the daily and weekly training menu.

  • MULTI-LATERAL Training Philosophy (Biomotor Abilities)
    • SPEED related Abilities: Reaction, Acceleration, Maximal Velocity, and Speed Endurance
    • STRENGTH related Abilities: General and Maximal Strength, Elasticity, Power, Core and Postural Strength 
    • COORDINATION related Abilities: Agility, Mobility, Balance, Joint Stability, and Sports Specific Skills  
    • WORK CAPACITY related Abilities: Aerobic Capacity and Power, Anaerobic Capacity and Power, and Volume & Intensity Dosages 
    • FLEXIBILITY related Abilities: Active Flexibility, Passive Flexibility, and Kinetic Flexibility  
    • VOLITIONAL QUALITIES and related mind-set: Discipline, Understanding what is required, Goal-setting, Commitment

Since, all of these abilities contribute to performance, a MULTI-LATERAL Training Philosophy dictates that all these abilities be addressed in a planned balance. This approach insures optimal results, guarantees long term success and improvement, and prevents staleness and injury.

The course of action is not the gimmick du jour.  It is based on the Sports Sciences and practical Experience learned from years of coaching in the school of hard knocks.

  • MULTI-SYSTEM Training Philosophy (Body Systems)
    • THE NEUROMUSCULAR SYSTEM: Neural Training for Speed and Power
    • THE MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM: Connective Tissue Strengthening, Tissue Functionality, Joint Stability and Mobility
    • ENERGY SYSTEMS & ENDOCRINE SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT: Improving Energy Levels, Body Composition, General Fitness
    • PROPRIOCEPTIVE SYSTEMS: Improving Coordination, Joint and Kinetic Chain Function

Muscles alone do NOT get it done. The Nervous System is the key to speed improvements. The training units for Connective Tissues prevent injury, and my approach to Endocrine Development improves energy levels and body composition.  Finally,  Proprioceptive training units are a true cure for clumsiness!